There was a time in my life when I’d do just about anything to avoid attending any sort of sizable gathering.

That meant no concerts, no big parties or BBQ’s, no weddings plus on plus on.

I’m otherwise a fairly normal sort of human being outside of my deep discomfort when it comes to attending sizable functions. But thanks to the superb folks down at the cannabis dispensary, I’m learning that I can indeed embrace such functions plus even not hate them. I’m not a psychologist or a mental health professional. So I’m not going to attempt to break all this down. All I know is that my discomfort levels at sizable events reach near panic attack levels. I’ve literally worked weekends in order to avoid going to something like a big, family wedding. Well, that’s not exactly tolerable to my wife Kim so I decided to do something about that, however recreational marijuana is legal in our state plus an acquaintance suggested that using cannabis products might ease my discomfort. I’m not a drinker so I don’t like to get drunk at big events to cope. Besides, I guess that would just make things much worse. But I was up to give cannabis a try. Yet, I actually didn’t know all that much about it. I’m deeply grateful to the pros at the local cannabis spot for helping me with the dialing in the perfect hybrid strains for sale. I now have a little cannabis oil pen that comes with a sativa dominant hybrid strain. I have that thing locked plus loaded for any sizable function plus it keeps me grounded plus even glad. I feel secure in who I am and being in the crowd doesn’t necessarily overwhelm all of my senses.
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