When I was hired to run a cannabis dispensary, I didn’t know that I would need to do all the updates for the website, or manage the marketing of the cannabis dispensary.

I told Dave, the owner of the cannabis dispensary, that marketing and web designs were not my specialty, and Dave told me not to worry.

Dave had a marketing company he used for all the cannabis dispensaries. Dave offered me the information for the online marketing company and asked me to deliver them a phone call. I was able to set up a few special sales just for our cannabis dispensary, and I spoke directly to the online marketing cannabis dispensary specialist that handled our accounts. I told him my store number and offered him my personal information and then told him when and where I had special location sales. He was so simple to talk to and told me when the changes would go live on my cannabis dispensary website. I then asked the guyabout special marketing just in my location, however people had forgotten my friend and I were there, now there were many more cannabis dispensaries in our area. I wanted to get people back into our location. He told me he would run more ads on social media and he would also do some extra SEO tricks that would guide people to my website, and information about online ordering when they were searching for local cannabis dispensaries, then within a month, my friend and I had 5 previous clients come back, and I had received two new clients. I thought too that our new buyer acquisition was growing because our budtenders were friendlier.


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