Sarah swore that this was the greatest vacation of her life.

In fact it seemed to have been too short for her liking since it lasted less than a week.

She wished she could have been there for four weeks! Like with all the best vacations of her life, this was a beach destination. Whenever she gets the rare opportunity to escape her day-to-day life she always heads right for the beach. The sound of the waves hitting against the shore somehow had a way of soothing and calming her soul. She also loved that she could get rid of all the accumulated stress and tension from my body. This time was better than ever, because the AirBnB she and her friends rented was three blocks away from a legal cannabis dispensary and the liquor store, the two things she needed to unwind. If it isn’t obvious already, here is an explanation of why she was so happy. She wanted to get stoned on cannabis and also enjoy getting drunk throughout the trip so because these places were within walking distance, it was easy to achieve her goal. She would not have to drive to get food, booze, or cannabis either, and this meant more time to indulge in what her heart desired. This was not a crowded beach, making it even more perfect because they could smoke cannabis in public and not worry about bothering anyone. Watching the waves crash while smoking cannabis is her idea of a perfect moment, but she doesn’t like exposing other people to secondhand pot smoke. She did not sober up for once during the entire trip and she even stopped by the cannabis shop one last time to get some pre-rolls for the drive. It was indeed the greatest vacation ever.