Trips and vacations are a great way to recharge.

I must confess that this was the greatest trip of my life.

I didn’t realize how short it was until it was over and I wished for an extension. For starters it was at a beach which made it perfect from the word go. I used every opportunity to escape to the beach each time it presents itself. The sounds of the waves hitting against the shore tends to soothe my soul, and also helps me eliminate all the accumulated stress and accumulated tension from my body. This time the trip was even better than ever, since our AirBnB was just three blocks away from a legal cannabis dispensary and the liquor store. If it isn’t obvious already, l had been categorical with this choice. The plan was to get stoned on cannabis and liquor for the whole trip. Since these places were within walking distance it was easy to transition. I wouldn’t have to drive for miles to get food, booze, or my favorite cannabis strains. With a beach that was not crowded at all, this was perfect because I could smoke cannabis in public and not worry about being a bother to anyone. Watching the waves crash as I smoked cannabis is my idea of a perfect moment since I don’t fancy exposing other people to secondhand pot smoke. I stayed that way without sobering up for the entire five days we were there. Also before coming back, we had to stop by the cannabis shop one last time where we got some pre-rolls for the drive. It remains one of the greatest trips ever.


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