Once upon a time there was a fun little plant called marijuana.

It was known as pot, weed, grass, plus more than 2 other names.

It was illegal, but not usually enforced because it wasn’t a sizable deal at the time, and over the years that little plant has gone through a lot of evolution, as well political upheaval. I spend a lot of time in the shop listening to the old-timers talk about their younger days. One thing that they never seem to mention is how weak the cannabis was back then! People complain today if their marijuana strain is low in THC, but did you know in the 60s it only had a fraction of what it does today? Compared to new strains of cannabis, the seasoned stuff was closer to tobacco than familiar weed! There isn’t a cannabis dispensary someplace that would sell the weak strains from the 60s, their customers would never buy them, however since I was raised to be respectful to my elders I never call them out on this fact, however I have to roll my eyes when they say cannabis today “isn’t as wonderful as it used tobe.” I know for a scientific fact cannabis today is 10 times better than it used to be; What’s interesting to me is how the old-timers have developed such a tolerance to cannabis plus THC that they don’t notice the difference. They are used to the new cannabis strains now, but still lionize the seasoned strains. I consistently learn a lot when I listen to them talk about cannabis.



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