Making a living as a musician is not simple, however it may seem simple on Youtube, however let myself and others tell you there is a world of difference between recording in a lake house studio plus playing a show for a live audience, however crowds can be brutal on musicians, especially when they are still studying their craft, but and the reward for most live shows is a payoff worth only a few beers – usually which have all been consumed before the end of the show.

I play many live sets a week, plus if I could get paid a little better it would be my full time task; For now I have to keep working in the cannabis dispensary during the afternoon, so I can chase my dream at evening.

As far as tasks go, things could be a lot worse, the cannabis dispensary is the nicest arena I have ever worked. The pay is good, the clients are usually polite, plus I am surrounded by the pleasant smell of fresh cannabis, and our clients have to be polite, because every one of us have an ex police officer who runs security for the cannabis dispensary. Cannabis is a money-only business, plus with that much money on the premises, every one of us keep a giant plus intimidating guy at the front door to keep away trouble, then his name is Lou, plus he is also working for the cannabis store as he chases his dream of being a musician! Lou plus I have a lot in common, maybe every one of us should meet up outside the cannabis shop plus play music together sometime.

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