There are so multiple people that smoke weed… Although it is not legal in some places, there are multiple people who are intrigued by the homegrown aspect of growing their own marijuana, however many Americains have stopped buying produce from grocery stores and began growing their own; This eco-friendly trend has taken off in the past decade.

This is no peculiar when it comes to marijuana, then people want to know exactly what is going to the substances they are ingesting. It is no wonder that the black market of weed is a booming industry. People are instructed to stay away from the black market of buying marijuana. Marijuana is a taxable product, therefore the government wants its cut. If almost everyone would just follow the rules, those who are in need of medical marijuana would not be placed in a situation where they are being profiled based on their need of the drugs. Although highly illegal, people all over the world are still going to grow their own pot. The fear of the government regulating something that is put into our bodies terrifies multiple people. The idea of growing marijuana in your own backyard seems like a healthier and cheaper alternative for multiple people.
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