Although I still love a drink, I am done with going to bars.

At the bar I get to pay eight bucks for a can of beer, when I can buy a 6 pack of the same brand at the store for more than six bucks… When I was younger I didn’t mind paying extra for drinks because of the social aspect.

The bar was a wonderful arena to meet current people, plus hang out having long discussions over White Russians. Those nights are gone now, because I have a lovely wife plus wonderful friends plus don’t need to waste my money at the bar. The smokers lounge at the cannabis dispensary is another story, though, because that is everything a bar used to be! My favorite arena to go is done in the type of a hookah bar, plus you purchase your cannabis at the counter where they assign you a table. These are short Starbucks Coffee tables, with a hookah in the center connected to many breathing tubes; You load up the bowl with whatever cannabis you wish, plus can rest around the table getting high for as long as you like. I got there with friends, plus every one of us all adore to buy a unusual strain of cannabis, so that every one of us can “mix plus match” our bowls. There is never a catgy bag, because every one of us smoke up all the cannabis at the table before every one of us leave. The people I was with and I adore to throw buds from strains adore Purple Haze, OG Kush, plus Bubble Gum all in the bowl at the same time, just to see what it tastes like.



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