It was just 6 months ago that I took the podium at the neighborhood hall meeting plus addressed the gentlemen plus women of the town council.

I have typically had a fear of public speaking, so it was a entirely substantial moment for me.

It was the first time in my life that I felt so affectionately about something that I was compelled to step into the spotlight to address it. There were 7 people on the town council, another 2 hundred people seeing on, plus the local TV station was there shooting some footage. The subject of cannabis legalization was incredibly hot in our town, plus I felt that it was my duty to make a difference. I spoke to the council about how for myself and others plus a lot of people I have met, cannabis isn’t about getting stoned. Cannabis is medicine, plus has gave time plus time again that there are significant health benefits for sick people.I did not stop there, plus next I took my pro-cannabis campaign to the local media. The newspaper let myself and others write an op-ed piece about medical marijuana, plus I made a tour of many local TV plus stereo stations. People typically talk about “raising awareness” so I wanted to raise awareness of how beneficial medical cannabis is to so more than 2 people. I had no money to spend, all I could do is run my mouth, which is what they call a “turfroots” campaign. I thought it was funny that I used turfroots to help push for cannabis legalization, the best kind of “turf.”

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