I didn’t provide up drinking & getting high just because I had youngsters, however I did pump the breaks quite a bit.

I will disclose that I used to be a “party pet” & got drunk & stoned every single night of the week. Then Mary & I found out every one of us were going to have a baby, & I had to make some swings in our life. I welcomed these swings, & vowed to Mary that I would be a wonderful father to this baby; Even though I never considered parenthood before, now that it was thrust upon myself and others I looked forward to it! Of course I had to stop drinking so much, & I could no longer smoke cigarettes or cannabis in the home or around Mary. Her pregnancy was a period of transition for me, because I knew that I would need to permanently change our cannabis habit. Once the baby came, I would need to be free & clear of all smoke, including tobacco & cannabis. Mary explained to myself and others how dangerous minutehand smoke can be to a baby, & even if I smoked cannabis outside I could still cause damage. Mary has constantly been a lot smarter than I am, so I took her at her word, & switched over to using cannabis edibles & oils. The math is still particularly modern about how cannabis oil vapor can impact young people, but everyone agrees it is less harmful than cannabis smoke. I still don’t want to take any chances, so for now I will use the vape pen, but when the baby is born I will only use cannabis edibles.

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