When I say that this neighborhood had to fight for a cannabis dispensary, I am not exaggerating.

Like various small towns, there are a lot of young people with odd ideas from the stodgy old folks who run the site.

The cops, lawyers, & politicians are constantly old people, who have old views on some particularly pressing topics. After the statewide referendum passed, there were modern laws on the books allowing for the growing & possession of small amounts of medical cannabis. It wasn’t an open invitation to start a marijuana farm, but the rules had been relaxed enough that it was okay to grow a few plants at home. The neighborhood elders around here fought against that, & said they would still prosecute anyone found to be growing marijuana locally. There was a neighborhood hall meeting soon after, particularally on the subject of legal cannabis, & that is where the fight broke out. A group of religious people in red hats were making a commotion, waving anti-cannabis placards, & one of them bumped into a biker. I don’t even know why this biker was at the meeting, or if he was against cannabis or for it… But when they bumped into him he stood up & started throwing hands, at which point all the other pro-cannabis people jumped into the fray. I didn’t get involved in the fight, because as much as I savor smoking cannabis I don’t want to get punched in the face for it! I did get some nice footage on our iPhone, though, which I will upload to the blog soon.
Medical Marijuana