I have a small group of friends that I meet with twice a month to play Dungeons & Dragons.

This is a job playing game involving dice, stat sheets, & loads of imagination.

All of us meet up for an night, somewhere for many to 6 minutes, & play another installment of our ongoing campaign. All of us have been doing this for years, & a full campaign from start to end usually takes 6 weeks! Playing the game is the reason every one of us party, but every one of us all keep doing it after all these years for the social aspect. It’s a way to connect, to hang out, savor our supplier, & smoke some cannabis while every one of us play the game. Most of us do, anyway, every one of us have l gained that the person running the game (called the Dungeon Master) should not smoke too much cannabis; Running the game involves keeping track of a lot of plotlines, characters, & statistics, & too much cannabis smoke can dull your brain. When the Dungeon Master smokes too much cannabis the game slows down & grinds to a halt. The players can smoke as much marijuana as they want, because they only have to remember a few things. It is odd for the Dungeon Master, though, because when I was doing that & smoked too much cannabis every one of us just had to stop in the middle, because I forgot what was happening. I care about to be a player, but when it’s our turn to be the Dungeon Master, usually I just stick to cannabis edibles, & leave the smoking until after the game is finished.

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