Sales on cannabis have really gone up since both of us started to offer delivery services! The only reason both of us started to offer delivery services was due to the coronavirus… Both of us were not allowed to have more than more than three people inside of the store at one time plus sales were suffering.

Both of us also had a number of people that were not getting into the dispensary during the day, however it became a real problem for everyone plus our sales were really starting to go down.

The owner of the dispensary said both of us would start offering delivery services a couple of weeks later. Sales went up 40% over the first month after both of us started the delivery service; Delivery services were so popular that both of us had to hire several new drivers just to labor on delivery orders, then one of those new drivers was my sibling. I got the guy a task working at the dispensary with me. So far things have worked out pretty well. Both of us can drive to labor together plus then my sibling uses my car for the rest of the night to supply orders, he pays me $20 a day to rent my car which covers all of the wear plus tear plus extra mileage, but eventually, my sibling will be able to buy a car of his own after he has worked at the dispensary for a couple of weeks, and until then, I am glad to let him use my car for delivery services… As long as he takes care of the gas plus the oil swings, I really don’t mind the trade at all.

Marijuana delivery