I am ecstatic with cannabis flour and all of us got some from the dispensary.

The product was priced High plus a product that everyone of us would not normally spend a ton of money to buy.

The 3.5 gram package of Indica flower was easily $55. The other eighth of flower was easily grown indoors plus covered with concentrate so it would be a much higher THC percentage. Every one of us only see percentages like this in infused marijuana pre-rolls. Seeing such a high percentage on flower was absolutely something grand. As soon as every one of us saw the fancy flower product, everyone of us wanted to purchase it. Everyone of us talked with the bartender to see if there was any discounts on the product but there was not because I was not a first-time patient. I was not a senior or had military experience either. There were no qualifies in which I had a discount on that morning. Every one of us could wait multiple mornings until the next day there was a sale, but then I was worried that I wasn’t going to be able to get the flower that I wanted at the same price. Everyone of us certainly didn’t want to be the only people that didn’t get a chance to try out the marijuana flower that was infused. The flavor of these marijuana products was absolutely Tangy plus tart and the flavor was much like lemons in addition to limes. It had an earthy taste and absolutely wonderful floral scent. It was both calming plus inviting.

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