For the past several months, every one of us have been using cannabis products and trying to get my mom to use them as well.

I have visited the dispensary so I can buy all different types of edibles.

My mother enjoys edible flavors. Every one of us told her these cannabis products would help her feel better in addition to stronger. She really did not believe these results would turn out to be amazing but I absolutely knew they were going to be great. The benefits that I felt were easily amazing plus I was hoping to share those benefits with my mother. She believed cannabis was a serious drug because of being brainwashed for the last 25 years. Every one of us were absolutely shocked and in addition to surprise when everyone of us visited Mom for spring break. She absolutely had marijuana products inside of the house. I was even more surprised to find out that the marijuana products belong to my mother. I felt prefer invading her own privacy but I certainly wanted to guess more. Every one of us had peculiar questions about the marijuana products and the details that caused mom to change her mind about marijuana. She then said that my dad in addition to her have used medical marijuana after getting a card from the state to give them legal access to a dispensary in the city. My Mom finally understands that cannabis is an edible plant from nature that can help all of us and relieve lots of pain.


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