My best friend as well as myself have been working in the same exact same prison for the past 5 years. We got the job when both of us were 19. That’s how old we had to be in order to job for the state. When all of us were aged enough, everyone of us applied for the correction job. Being a guard at the prison is one of the absolutely wonderful jobs that you can get around here. You acquire average pay with excellent dental plus medical benefits. There’s a retirement plan plus a paid vacation day every single month. My best buddy plus myself absolutely worth fortunate when we absolutely were hired to job for the state. Now we are only 30 plus we will be able to retire way before other people. There are lots of times when now working at this prison does not seem prefer fun. Occasionally the prison can be a down right dangerous place. The prisoners don’t regularly have access to drugs as well as weapon, but trouble at the prison can absolutely escalate downwards very quickly. During the last month, everyone of us were searching the B block. The two of us found a couple peculiar knives in addition to Shives but we also found some cannabis products. The Cannabis products were from a state dispensary. There’s absolutely no way a prisoner could buy the products from the state dispensary, but the package had a sticker and it was really easy for us to find out exactly what person made the purchase after we had a batch identifier number.

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