My bestie was hounding me as well as hounding me because she wanted me to meet her parents.

I absolutely wanted to meet them but everyone of us were distraught to say something that was entirely stupid.

Everyone of us can say some really crazy things and maybe a couple more in our past. It never does much wonderful even when I absolutely try to apologize. I have bailed on my best friend quite a number of times plus made lots of different excuses not to join her. She had enough finally and basically said she would transport away from our home if I was not ready to start acting prefer I was hoping to be in a relationship like a grown up. That is when she made some plans for me in addition to her to have breakfast with her family at a place in the village that is a fancy restaurant. Everyone of us were easily just dropped before meeting the people so everyone of us use marijuana to get high. Every one of us had a marijuana bag and everyone of us rolled out a joint on some old piece of newspaper. I smoked the marijuana joint inside of the garage and my bestie new because I smelled exactly like weed. She said something about the fact that I smelled like marijuana, but I was more worried about being anxious and filled with anxiety when I was around her family. The marijuana products on that night and I was easily the head of the whole party after having a little bit of marijuana to make my anxiety go away.

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