Something unusual plus improper happen during the last week when I went to work.

A customer was at the cannabis shop plus presented the person with an identification card stating the person was 21 years of age.

The identification card was not fraudulent and did not appear to be stolen. Everyone in the US helped the person place their order and gather all of their marijuana supplies. The very young person bought a sizable amount of cannabis supplies and spent a lot of money. It was way more money than most of the young people do. The person maxed the allowable amount with a whole ounce of cannabis flour and eight whole grams of concentrate. Later during that morning, the cannabis shop manager gained a cellular phone call from me. It was absolutely from the sheriff’s office and they were hoping to give us information on some transactions from earlier. It was the transaction from the person that had the ID that came into question. The police came to see us out that cannabis shopping gather more information but everyone of us could not really remember the name of the person. Every one of us were unable to provide helpful details and information. It looks prefer the person is genuinely going to get away with the whole crime. The boss told me that no way single from our store contacted anyone about the license. The underage buyer must have already been in the system in order for the police to catch wind of the major issues we had.