For the last 2 years everyone of us have happily worked in a marijuana dispensary.

Every one of us offer no in-store services. We don’t even have a storefront where clients can pick items up. All of the items have to be delivered. The orders come from all places throughout the city. Usually during the day when I am delivering, every one of us will leave the store with many extra supplies. If a person order some items while I am away, then everyone of us can move directly to the to their lake house with supplies that we have on hand. It’s kind of like being an ice cream person that only has cannabis products. Every one of us gain absolutely wonderful money with customer tips. Tips are usually wonderful but last month things were not very good. People are becoming stingy due to the holidays being around the corner. I only gained $77 in my tips on saturday. Usually the amount of tips on a Saturday is around $200. My truck also broke down when I was completing the last delivery. I will stranded on the side of the road and every one of us had to contact someone from the maintenance office and marijuana delivery service. I was thankful that one of the employees knew a little bit about cars. The guy came to the place where I was hanging out and he helped me fix up my car so I could at least get back to the marijuana dispensary.

Orange kush