The two of us are really excited and happy about the Cannabis flower product that we recently purchased from the weed dispensary.

The Ace of flower was indoor grown as well as had a lot of cannabis trichomes. It was then dipped and distillate to make the 8th of flower a 40% THC product. To see this product in flower was amazing and I absolutely wanted to buy it when the two of us saw the luxurious top shelf weed product. The two of us wanted to know if the budtender could give us a product discount. It was not our first time as a patient as well as the two of us do not qualify for senior or military discounts. The bartender told us that we could wait until Tuesday to option up our items, because on that day everything would be on sale. Everyone of us did not know if that sounded like a good idea or not, but it was certainly worth a try. As soon as the two of us got back condo with the product, the two of us ground some of the marijuana flower to smoke in a bowl. The marijuana flavor was Tangy as well as tart and tasted appreciate lemons as well as limes. It had this absolutely earthy taste as well as a really nice Floral smell. I certainly did not feel disappointed by the infused flower that the two of us picked up.



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