For multiple months, the two of us have tried to talk to our parents about cannabis. The two of us have gone to a great length to get some supplies for Mom plus dad to try. The two of us knew that Mom would love edibles. The two of us told her these cannabis products would absolutely help her be stronger as well as feeling better. She didn’t guess me that these results would be so very amazing. I absolutely knew they were going to be great. The benefits for the two of us were amazing as well as the two of us hope to share these with our parents. She unfortunately believed cannabis products were a drug. My dad and her had their brains washed for the last 30 years. Every one of us was absolutely surprised when the two of us went to visit last month and found marijuana lurking in the bathroom. I told my mom that someone had left weed in her room and she told me that the marijuana supplies were hers. The two of us were Beyond surprised when we found out that Mom plus dad had marijuana products in the house. My mom didn’t absolutely choose to discuss much of it with me but I pride myself on many of the important details from her. Apparently in the last 3 months, my mom as well as my dad went to the doctor to get a prescription for cannabis edibles. They have been using the dispensary for a couple of weeks and no one in our family has known at all.

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