My best friend as well as myself got great jobs working at the prison.

Just as soon as we were out of high school as well old enough sales get all of the things that we needed, the two of us applied to work at the task.

The two of us knew that the job would be absolutely wonderful as well as a great pay. There really aren’t a lot of other jobs that are the same around here. The job offers medical as well as dental benefits where they retirement plan as well as several days of paid vacation. There are a lot of times when I have fun working with my friends at the prison as well as there are sometimes when it can be downright dangerous. My best friend as well as myself had to work on some problems last week when we had a person say there was marijuana out in the cell block. When the prisoners can’t access drugs as well as weapons, we absolutely have a lot of problems that escalate. When the two of us searched a block last year, the two of us found several knives as well as weapons. Everyone of us also found cannabis products. The Cannabis products were easy to track due to the fact that they had come from a marijuana dispensary. The marijuana dispensary gave us all the information that we needed in order to find out which one of the inmates brought cannabis products to the prison. That person faces additional time and disciplinary proceedings for breaking the rules.

Marijuana products