When I first tried to join our state’s medical marijuana program in the year in which it was implemented, I was scammed by a terrible physician who stole my money and then moved his practice to a different city.

He offered the lowest rates out of anyone in the area, but then right before certifying his patients he sent out a huge letter claiming that the practice had to end because of intervention from the state making it too difficult to follow the rules.

They offered a 50% refund and I thought it was all honest until a dispensary employee told me that the same physician who robbed me had simply started a different practice in the adjacent city. He lied to his initial patients so he could steal all of that money before starting over again just a few months later. I was so frustrated, but at least it forced me to find a better medical marijuana doctor. The new one might have slightly more expensive rates for appointments, but he’s extremely helpful and always has a stack of coupons to give me for the various cannabis dispensaries in the state. He gave me a coupon card for one of the local marijuana stores that gives me 25% off one order, 50% off another, and then a buy-one, get-one-free deal on a third order. These medical marijuana coupons are extremely helpful nowadays when prices everywhere are increasing at a rapid rate. Some of us had to cut into our cannabis budgets to afford our gasoline and groceries. People like me rely on coupons to the cannabis stores to manage our use of the plant.


Medical Marijuana Education