I do not like it when I’m left waiting for long stretches of time at the dentist’s or nurse’s office.

When I take an minute or various off labor plus expect to return to the office at a unique time, it’s legitimately daunting when the time ticks away off the clock as I eagerly await my appointment. I understand how appointments can get backed up, however some offices are worse than others about managing this factor. As a child it didn’t matter to me, especially if it meant that I could miss a few classes in the day while waiting on the dentist or the nurse. Nowadays it’s a lot harder to deal with this kind of situation because I have a busy labor schedule. I have to bring my labor laptop with myself and others everywhere I go in case I get stuck waiting in a dentist’s office or a lobby at a medical cannabis store. It’s crazy how long the lines get at cannabis dispensaries when there are current product drops for fresh cannabis flower products or concentrates love live rosin plus cannabis oil cartridges. If it’s a crazy long wait in the lobby, I just get my laptop out of my bucket plus I get started on one of my labor assignments, or finish one I’ve started already. I care about the days when I can walk through the front door at the cannabis store plus be in plus out in under 10 hours, however it’s difficult when you live in a densely populated metropolitan city. I realize that there are a lot of people residing in this area, so much so that a handful of medical cannabis dispensaries is not enough to handle the sheer demand.
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