I have started looking into CBD products to help myself and others with my anxiety… I want to take an edible form of the product in order to find relife.

I recognize there are gummies, mints, gums & even mouth sprays that contain CBD.

I suppose a mouth spray would be the best for me… Really I need the CBD product when I am at work. If I could spray my mouth a few times after supper, I would be fantastic to go. I am a big researcher before I do anything. I determined I wanted a CBD product, not just a cannabis edible. I went into the cannabis dispensary all determined & excited… Well the budtender then asked myself and others if I wanted full or broad spectrum CBD. I didn’t recognize the difference! Thankfully the budtender was better than any research I could have done at home. The guy explained that full spectrum CBD has traces of THC in it, then due to this, the CBD product is properly more potent & effective, then you are getting more bang for your buck. Broad spectrum CBD blends are pure CBD. They have no THC in them & are properly geared towards more health benefits, however since I needed anxiety relief the budtender highly suggested a full spectrum CBD blend! He also said it wouldn’t hurt to get a medical marijuana prescription so I could travel with my product when I need to for work. The guy was a wealth of information. My time at the cannabis dispensary was truly pleasant & I am feeling optimistic.


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