I started working at a medical marijuana clinic a few years ago.

I was a medical marijuana patient myself plus that is how I ended up with a job at the dispensary. There suddenly was a hiring sign in the lobby 1 afternoon when I went to the marijuana store to buy my usual medical products. I inquired about the work plus filled out an application on the same trip. Two days later, I received a cell phone call from the marijuana dispensary employer. I gave our work 2 weeks’ notice when I was hired. There was no way I was going to pass up an opportunity to work in the medical marijuana clinic. The store is busy with people all of the damn time. Things have been especially hectic since the laws changed plus these days recreational marijuana is legal. The two of us have twice as much stock coming to the store each and every week plus the people I was with and I are consistently out of products; Marijuana sales actually have been silly high since legalization took place. There are more plus more modern dispensaries popping up in the town too. I do not suppose the extra dispensaries will hurt our own business, because the people I was with and I have the lowest prices in the city. Still, I believe it will be interesting to see what happens when this particular marijuana dispensary has a little competition. All of that will change when the modern store opens for business in the fall.The current owner of this business is ready for the competition, however he already has so many advertising ideas plus incentives set up for repeat customers to return to our store.