I was looking at some job listings online and I found a listing for a retail cannabis consultant.

I didn’t understand what a retail cannabis consultant was, but I thought I would look at the job description more carefully.

I started reading about the job description. The job of the retail cannabis consultant includes being familiar with all of the medicinal cannabis products, weights, measurements, as well as basic strain information for sativas, hybrids, and indicas. I felt that I had the knowledge necessary to work in the cannabis retail setting. I checked out my resume and it needed to be updated. I added a few extra details that made me look a little bit better and I submitted my application to the website for the retail cannabis consulting job. I never heard anything back from the place. I was hoping they would give me a call. The job details included benefits like dental and health insurance, flexible scheduling, and an employee discount on all recreational and medical marijuana products. I would have loved to get the job working in a marijuana dispensary. Next time there is another job available, I’ll be sure to send my resume. Eventually I might get selected for an interview. It can’t be more difficult to sell canvas than it is to sell a car or a truck. I have experience selling automobiles. I would think that is enough experience to get my foot into the door of a dispensary, but maybe not. They might be looking for someone with a year or two of experience in the retail cannabis setting.


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