It’s frustrating when people think the others will or should have the same reactions to literally anything, be it food items or substances.

I try to explain to my friends that I really don’t like the way that alcohol makes me feel, regardless of whether or not I drink beer, wine, vodka, or whiskey. I have tried consuming alcohol a number of different ways and I still get the same negative reactions as before. Sometimes in a group I get a rush of euphoria and feel extremely talkative as a result, but I don’t get anything remotely enjoyable like that when I’m drinking alone at my house. It just makes me feel edgy and moody, sometimes worsening however I feel before I start drinking. Marijuana by contrast gives me nothing but positive effects if I use the right products and the right genetics of cannabis strains. I started smoking marijuana a month before my 18th birthday during my last year of high school. It wasn’t until the fall when I got to college that I started using cannabis daily, something that hasn’t changed in the years since. I learned right away that I prefer cannabis flower products and hashish because they’re true full spectrum marijuana products. No matter how many times I made marijuana edibles of varying potencies, I never really enjoyed the effects. The strongest edibles I ever ate made me feel like I was having a bad trip for an hour before I passed out for the afternoon. In this way, you can’t expect all people to react the same way to marijuana edibles. However, that doesn’t mean they won’t react positively to a different marijuana product like a vaporizer cartridge with cannabis oil inside.


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