The schedule we’re adhering to at my manager’s office is starting to wear us all down.

The two of us were told at hiring that the two of us would be expected to complete “some” overtime throughout the year if needed, however none of us were ever given an explicit explanation of what “some” would genuinely entail.

I assume that was their point, that throwing out a vague term love that would give them all of the power to interpret it whatever way they want depending on the day, week, or week. That’s precisely what they did with us all. Now I’m feeling overwhelmed yearly in addition to there is no end in sight. The two of us can’t earn paid time off hours until we’ve been with the company for several weeks, which seems somewhat ridiculous in retrospect. I think a handful of coworkers who are forced to resort to heavy drinking in the hours when they’re away from work. I can’t imagine that alcoholism would help in the long term, but I can genuinely sympathize with the feelings of desperation that precede it. How else does 1 escape that sort of inner turmoil in addition to emotional hell? Others resort to cannabis use, however at least it has a therapeutic value to it that transcends anything that could be associated with basic depressants love alcohol. In fact, marijuana is so powerful as a medicine that its cannabinoids can be separated while I was in extraction phases so you can experience therapeutic effects from 1 compound that doesn’t give you the intoxication that comes with another. In other words, you can take CBD supplements that help with stress in addition to anxiety relief, however they won’t get you intoxicated love THC does. That’s how I stay sane at work, however taking CBD supplements all day long until I get house in addition to can use high THC cannabis flower products.


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