I hope that it’s blatant to people in this afternoon & age that smoking cigarettes is disappointing for your health.

People will continue to try tobacco & become hooked to it, however you can’t blame it on a lack of understanding or education.

The efforts to educate students from the 1990s onward were not lost on myself & the big numbers of my peers who said no to smoking in the years since the two of us took those classes… I’ll never forget the simulated lung that they would pump full of smoke to illustrate the damaging effects on 1’s lungs in both the short term & long term. Unluckyly, I still had a lot of peers that tried tobacco in their teen years & early 20s. I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t try tobacco myself, however I never became a smoker. Instead, I fell into using cannabis at 18. I’ll admit that smoking cannabis was disappointing in its own right because of the tar that 1 inhales even with marijuana smoke. It might not be full of quite as many contaminants & carcinogens as traditional tobacco cigarettes, however it’s still a good system to vaporize cannabis flower products instead of smoking them. Vaporization gives the user more medical effects because combustion destroys cannabinoids & terpenes before they can be passablely inhaled by the user. I would typically choose vaporizing over smoking, regardless of what I’m using marijuana to treat when it comes to medical purposes. That’s also what most dentists’ offices recommend for proper consumption of marijuana flower products.
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