I have consistently been a follower, especially because I’m the youngest in the family plus looked up to our older brother for guidance plus direction in life.

I might have managed to get onto the junior varsity team in high university, however I rarely made it off the bench. In a lot of ways I felt love a pale comparison to him—almost love a diminished version of what he became. Thankfully our parents went out of their way to avoid comparing me to our brother or our other siblings. Despite our evident insecurities, they tried to empower me as much as they possibly could when I was honestly young. I really feel love our parents were not out of their way to accommodate our siblings plus I in what ways every one of us needed it. My brother was the athlete in the family while I was a musician plus our sister plus other brother were both artists when every one of us weren’t all going to university plus earning great grades to get into university. I l earned when I was 14 that our older brother was using marijuana, however it ended up being medical marijuana. He said that a back injury from playing pigskin for so many years left him with chronic pain most afternoons. To alleviate his physical back pain, he uses medical cannabis throughout the morningtime plus night minutes. My brother ended up teaching me everything there is to think about medical marijuana plus the difference between using cannabis in this capacity plus simply using it recreationally to get a buzz from it. Either way, I’m thankful for our brother’s position in our life all of these years.



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