I’m not the poster child for a work life balance.

I might be the poster child for why you need balance in your life.

That’s something I definitely could have posed for. If anyone was in need of a reality check when it came to how they were living their life, it was me. I was burning the candle from both ends and the middle. But that sort of life eventually catches up to you. I suffered a heart attack at 43. With the help of sativa products and some hybrid strains, I putting my life back together. But now, I have the opportunity to do it the right way. The local cannabis spot is one of the reasons I feel confident that I can figure this thing out. The work part is the toughest part for me. I am good at what I do and it provides a pretty remarkable living for me and my family. But it’s such a high stress industry that I end up sort of losing sight of how hard I’m going. This resulted in bad diet, too much alcohol, no exercise and not close to enough rest. These days, I’ve added in regular exercise, a mostly plant based diet and a regular bed time. To that I’ve added meditation and enjoying quiet time in the evening with my wife. The sativa strains really help me to unwind but also stay right in the moment. And it doesn’t take much either. But it’s the feeling of calm positivity that has helped the most when using sativa products. I’m very thankful to be alive and thankful to be building a new life with help from cannabis products.