Since I was a kid, I’ve been a real live wire.

There is really no other way to describe it.

I just was always going. The idea of sitting still was just the worst. The memories of sitting through church are still so fresh in my mind. My soul, brain and body seemed to be continually restless. These days, I’m learning how to take it down a notch thanks to the fact that I can now go shopping for marijuana on sale. The only time in my life, other than the present, that I was at all chilled out was in the last two years of college. That had everything to do with the fact that this is when I first was introduced to cannabis. I took right to it which seems odd in retrospect. But every Saturday morning, my friends and I would get up early and go to the park. There we’d indulge in whatever sort of recreational marijuana we were lucky enough to have scored. And from there, I’d play frisbee, lay in the sun, wade in the lake and just generally tune in and let go. Those memories are what encouraged me to visit the local cannabis spot. I was able to buy some sativa strains that the cannabis professional assured me would do what I was looking for. And sure enough, that’s just what happened. I was able to enjoy a whole weekend with my wife that didn’t include me checking in on work or incessantly gazing at my phone. The sativa products from the local cannabis spot have proven to be the answer when it comes to me finding peace and balance in my hectic life.

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