I get a bit of a hard time from some people about the way I am.

For sure, I can understand that perspective because I can often be a bit demanding. That said, I think that I’m also honest enough to go after just what I want. I work really hard so I spend a lot of time doing whatever it takes to get the results myself and the company want. This affords me a very nice living and I’m quite thankful for that indeed. Still, I want what I want and I’m not shy about paying for it. And I get that sort of thing at my local cannabis spot. When I go shopping for anything, I can assure you that I’m not coming home with any junk. It’s all value to me when I spend my hard earned money. Yet, it’s not just the value of goods and services but also the shopping experience. I’m not too shy to say that I want to be taken care of where I shop. The local cannabis spot totally fits the bill. Just like the find wine and food market I shop at, the cannabis dispensary takes care of me. They greet me by name at the local cannabis spot and know the type of cannabis products I like. This marijuana business is also always on the lookout for new cannabis strains they think might suit my tastes. I’m more of a sativa strains sort of girl and I like the way it helps me unwind without losing focus. But I also like that the sativa products are of good quality and they look after me at the local cannabis spot.


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