I’ve never really considered balance until I had to.

I’ve always been the sort of person who just charges into life.

I’ve been a deadline sort of person as well. My thinking was that I’m just so much better under pressure so that turned into my default life approach. With the help of those at the cannabis store near me and legal weed, I’m dismantling that approach to life. I’m doing that because it almost killed me. My hard charging, take no prisoners mentality landed me in the hospital. I had a heart attack at 43 years old. That was the close call that finally resonated with me and I chose to make some changes. That’s where the recreational pot comes in. I knew that changing my entire lifestyle was not an undertaking that I could do on my own. So I sought help from a holistic therapist that came highly recommended by a friend. She was a life saver and a life changer. Along with a new diet, a focus on meditation, more rest and less work, she suggested that I try recreational cannabis. Her experience was that legal weed can help reveal both truths that our conscious living buries. And provide the perspective to trust and live those truths. Honestly, I was pretty skeptical as I’ve always been a control guy and it sounded like I was going to be accepting a lot of stuff that I couldn’t control. But the first day at the cannabis store near me was the tipping point for me and my new approach to life.


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