There was a cable show that first introduced me to the idea of a treat yourself morning.

It was a comedy plus so this episode was all about some of the funny ways the characters treated themselves on treat yourself morning.

Well, it all undoubtedly resonated with me. That’s how I started going to the cannabis dispensary. Prior to the idea of a morning of treating myself, I was all about doing all the stuff I needed to do for my family. And that’s exactly what I want to be doing by the way. I savor being a professional, a mother plus a fiance however it can spread a person pretty thin. So the idea of having a whole morning where I did nothing however treat myself undoubtedly became attractive. These days, I give myself a single of those days once a quarter. And there is no canceling due to other needs or whatever. Treat myself days are written in brick says my partner. The state next to us has legalized marijuana. Both medical marijuana plus recreational marijuana are now legal there. So I start by booking a nice hotel room for several days. Typically, I leave the night before since it’s a several hour drive. Sometimes I take a lady with me however I’ve also found that the solo trips can be quite pleasing as well. The first thing I do on my treat morning is to head to the cannabis cafe. There I’ll indulge in the best coffee ever as well as the best cannabis edible I have ever put in my mouth. From there, I let the morning just unfold however for sure, I treat myself all dang morning.


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