At first, when I heard that the local cannabis spot was going to be offering marijuana delivery, I had a flashback.

It was a usual weekend for my junior year. My buddies plus I were living off campus in a pretty awful apartment. It wasn’t all that awful to us because the two of us were living on our own plus could smoke marijuana unlike in the dorms. So being able to savor the splendor of whatever sort of sativa or indica strains the two of us could get our hands on was a immense replace to the dorm. Still, the apartment was a dump plus that’s just a fact. Anyway, when I heard about the modern cannabis delivery service, I was right back to that crappy apartment. My buddies plus I had just appreciated a fantastic bit of fantastic sativa product when I had the best idea of my life. This is dating me however that phase was when pizza delivery undoubtedly became love a fully expected thing. So my idea was to be able to find a pizza delivery guy who would also deliver the cannabis products the two of us wanted for our weekend as well. Seriously, I thought it was the most groundtearing idea ever. My roommates laughed plus abused me over such an idiotic idea. I was a bit hurt. Yet here the two of us are. I’m living in a time when I can order a pizza for delivery plus follow it up with some cannabis delivery. I assume I was simply ahead of my time.



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