Much to my surprise, going out to dinner with the family last night turned into a raucous and hilarious evening of fun.

Once a week I like to take my wife and kids to a local diner.

It’s a cool spot with a small indoor eating area, and a much larger outdoor patio filled with tables and chairs. When the weather is nice we like to sit outside and eat, and watch one of the local musical acts that perform on weekends. This night there was not live music, but a DJ and a host of dancing drag queens! I was so glad I got lifted on a blunt of strong cannabis before I went, otherwise I might have been too uptight to enjoy myself. By nature I am a very reserved person, but using cannabis opens me up and allows me to stay calm and enjoy myself. I never want to be a “stick in the mud” kind of father, so thankfully I was relaxed enough from the cannabis to chill out and enjoy the show. At one point the hostess pulled me out of my seat and put me up on the stage to dance with the drag queens. If I wasn’t stoned to the gills on OG Kush I probably would have panicked and refused to participate. Thankfully, the power of OG Kush kept me nice and calm, and I didn’t think about everyone staring at me. I just went with the flow and danced my butt off! My kids now think I am very cool, but have no idea how stoned I was.

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