Long story short, I got fired from my job at the radio station.

If anyone out there knows of a good DJ job, or a radio station that is hiring for any position, please hit me up in the comments! My strengths are that I love working the graveyard shift, I am familiar with any radio format or style of music, and I’m great with talking to listeners on the phone.

My weaknesses include not being able to pass a drug test. I think it’s stupid that drug tests are still a thing in the radio industry, especially now that cannabis is being legalized in some many different states. Back when I was a rookie in the late 1970s, no one cared about smoking marijuana inside or outside the studio. It was very common to spark a joint while playing Sweet Leaf by Black Sabbath, and expounding at length on the virtues of Purple Haze. It is a different world today, though, even when cannabis dispensaries are being built left and right, more businesses are cracking down on it. It all comes down to corporate laws and insurance premiums, which leads business owners to eliminate potentially problematic employees that regularly use cannabis. This seems backwards to me, because if anything cannabis use helps to calm the employees down and let them focus on their jobs! Going forward, I will be more stringent about not using cannabis products at work… at least not the ones other people can smell! I will only smoke when at home, and at work I will stick with using cannabis edibles, I promise!

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