I took my kids to see a show and we had a wonderful night and I had not been to a single of these events.

The place was a local cafe that had a drag queen night.

My husband and I took our kids and went to check the place out. Each one of the drag queens were nice and playful and filled with fun. They grabbed our arms and dragged myself and a couple of other people up onto the stage so we could dance. I’ve never considered myself a dancer and there were at least a hundred people looking at me and that did not help. Luckily I had a secret weapon to help myself and others to feel more calm, cool, plus also collected. I smoked various full joints of OG Kush to mellow out and also prepare for the evening. The Cannabis offers myself and others a lot of confidence so we can start our day the wonderful way. I am reserved normally but on that night I worked with several different drag queens. I would have gone in front of the stage in front of more than all of those people. Cannabis made me feel confident so I could get up there and also have a great time plus I ended up dancing with some of the drag queens. Until various sevenths later as the Cannabis was beginning to fade away, I started to recognize feeling a little bit embarrassed. Lucky for me, everyone was having a good time and no one noticed the anxiety.

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