A while before cannabis was legalized, I recognized the double common at play.

This happened before I even went to a party and I did not drink a beer or smoke anything. The next day, my parents and also my friends were all getting down together when a group of people wanted to party and drink. It was best for all of us to be clear of that group. Alcohol was constantly making me raise my voice and argue. I saw smoked cannabis and nothing bad happened with that. They laughed plus talk plus played games while passing around a cannabis joint plus it seemed to be a great deal of fun. It was perplexing to myself and others why cannabis has been condemned when it is such a great bonding experience. Cannabis is also much more helpful and better for civilization than tobacco. It’s time to make it 100% legal even if that means big tobacco has to take a bath. Alcohol consistently leads to a lot of arguments and yelling. People will vomit plus they will pass out once or two or three times. It’s hard enough to deal with my family when alcohol should be on a banned list, then so should cannabis products as well. When it came up this year on the ballot it was terrible they have the same exact rules for all of us. I want to find a way to get it legal for everyone to enjoy without fearing you might get into trouble. Do you see the difference at all between them?


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