I’m thankful for a lot of things in this world.

But I’m particularly thankful that my state came to its senses when it came to medical marijuana legislation.

It was so far overdue but I’m still really grateful to the people of this state for being reasonable. See, I have anxiety and depression. This has been sort of a default condition for me since I was in highschool. Since then, I’ve struggled mightily. But cannabis flower products were one of the few things that helped. I didn’t get a great deal of benefit from the prescription meds but big time medical marijuana benefits when I could find cannabis. See that was thing. I couldn’t legally get my hands on the very thing that helped me live a pretty normal, healthy existence. And the anxiety of getting busted with cannabis flower products or getting ripped by a dealer just added to the problem. It was like a bad sitcom but with zero laughter. For years, I relied on friends to help me get some weed. I didn’t need much at all. I couple of puffs and it was a perspective change for me that kept me on the positive and healthy. Thankfully, with the help of my fellow citizens, I can walk into a legal weed store now and get the very cannabis flower products that help me navigate this world a whole lot better. Finally, there is no more anxiety about trying to find the medical cannabis that frees me in great measure from my anxiety. How’s that for a riddle, wrapped in a puzzle?

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