I was fired from having a job at the station and I haven’t been able to find another wonderful DJ job or a job in a radio station.

It seems like the radio stations aren’t hiring any positions at the moment.

I have a lot of strengths like the fact that I absolutely love working at night . I am usual with radio format or music styles plus I am pretty good at talking to listeners on the iphone. My only weakness is not passing a cannabis drug test. I recognize the test is stupid, because drug test in the radio industry are really silly. Cannabis has been legalized in some more than two weird states. In the 70s when I was a rookie, no a single person cared about smoking marijuana outside or even inside of the studio. It was legitimately usual to spark a conversation over a joint while Black Sabbath was playing in the background or we were listening to purple haze. It’s a weird and tough world today even if cannabis dispensaries are built left plus right. All the more reason for businesses to crack down on them. When this affects corporate laws Plus Insurance premiums, this can lead many Corporation owners to eliminate problematic employees that consistently use cannabis such as myself. It seems backwards to myself because cannabis use helps calm a lot of people down and allow them to focus. I will definitely have to be far more stringent with the products I am taking to work instead of bags and bags of cookies.