As a teenager, I thought the country was an oddly weird place.

During the 1970s When The War on Drugs was kicking into high gear.

There was a legal cannabis dispensary and my pals plus myself preferred to drink beer plus smoked marijuana after football practice. It was easy to get her hands on a six pack even if none of us were actually 21 years old. Drinking beers and getting drunk was considered part of normal teenager behavior. Cannabis was considered to be a dangerous drug on the other hand plus legitimately was strenuous in which to find. I firmly know some people that condemn marijuana and they have absolutely not tried the plant at all. Then no way single who has ever smoked cannabis would dare to say that it is a dangerous or harmful thing. I am legitimately pleased that marijuana legalization is coming to this country and two more communities. The two of us will need to recognize about the millions of people who were in jail and anyone incarcerated already from Cannabis needs to be let go immediately under siege. The laws that punish cannabis use are inordinately heavy compared to the sentences that drunk drivers get. Every one of us needs to strike down the intestines plus make America a much better place for everyone. We can simply let go of all of the people that are in prison right now for this type of misdemeanor and that would show a great deal of faith in everything that we have done so far

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