Most people don’t use cannabis in their church and I am one of these people as well. I do not recently believe that a legitimately nice person from the country could open my eyes to church and how it can be. I am not large on any religion although I want my children to grow up with values of Their Own. All of us go to our church once during the month for repair plus also on Tuesday school. Is consistently nice but consistently boring as well. Church is the type of place that is supposed to be boring. My friend Keyshawn told me that church was not supposed to be boring at all. In that church they happen to celebrate many of the gifts that have provided to us by God and that it includes cannabis products. My own church thinks that cannabis is the latest of the devil and they say that this will send you directly on a path to Hellfire and Damnation. They constantly complain about cannabis in the church saying how it is immoral as well as illegal, but then a couple of days later everyone is outside smoking to fill up their lungs with the same type of problem that is going through the machine. Cannabis can’t be bad because of the fact that it comes from the earth. Perhaps maybe there will be a day when all of these things will change and if not there are times for others that we can get things done and do it the right way.

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