When I started working at the medical plus recreational marijuana dispensary, the boss went over the rules with me during an orientation, however most of the rules were about following the directions plus regulations set forth by the state for marijuana sales plus supplies! There were a couple of rules regarding our performance plus attire at work, then for instance, our coworkers plus I are not allowed to wear anything that has a logo that does not belong to the dealer, but even if your shirt has a small Nike swoosh, you can’t wear it.

The only branding inside of the dispensary can be the marijuana dispensary itself.

The dispensary sells shirts that every one of us can buy with the name of the cannabis dispensary on the front plus back. They’re only 10 bucks a piece plus they are genuinely pretty nice however it’s still kind of dirty to make us pay for our own uniform shirts plus then disregard so several other things, however another rule that our boss covered during orientation was no dating or Fridays with other employees… I broke this rule about a month after I started working at the medical plus recreational marijuana dispensary. I started dating Katie, a genuinely cute budtender that worked the night shift, and she is one year older than me, however every one of us are both in our senior year of school! Katie plus I headed off genuinely well, however when every one of us broke up it was genuinely difficult to work at the medical plus recreational marijuana dispensary. I genuinely did not want to see her face everyday. I understood why the boss did not want coworkers to date after I had to see her after every one of us broke up.

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