I had no clue that my athletic career through high school and college would lead to lifelong chronic pain in my back and the sciatic nerves running down both legs. My back pain is so debilitating that I struggle to get out of bed some mornings if I manage to sleep in a weird angle that strains the injuries. While I’m given prescription pain medication for short term periods of time, I try to avoid them unless my pain reaches an eight or nine out of 10 on the intensity scale. The reason why is simple—I want those drugs to work when I absolutely need them. If you have a slight tolerance for pain medication, you’ll be miserable when you’re in the hospital and whatever they’re giving you isn’t really working the way it should be. Therefore, I have to find other ways to cope with the chronic back pain. Before cannabis and CBD were possibilities in my life, I was stuck with over-the-counter pain medications and acupuncture. Now that I’m using cannabinoids like THC and CBD to treat my pain, I haven’t felt better. Cannabis isn’t a miracle drug for pain and does not remove all of the pain I feel, but it knocks it back by at least 70% at times. And if for some reason the pain persists, at least the cannabis improves my mental outlook enough where I can manage the pain without losing my mind. CBD is amazing at pain relief all on its own, but I utilize full spectrum CBD oil that I get from my favorite medical cannabis dispensary. Their CBD products are stronger than the CBD I find at local stores here in town.

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