I honestly can’t believe the difference medical cannabis has made in my life.

I’ve been plagued by an inflammatory condition for almost 7 years.

It just appeared one day. Literally, I sort of had some joint pain that was unusual one day and I was flat on my back 2 weeks later with pain all over my body. Thanks to the legal weed store, taking care of my mind and body and some discipline, I’m grateful to be living my life nearly pain free. It’s not perfect and I think that might have also held me back a bit as well. I think I just expected the doctors to diagnose me, prescribe meds and I’m back to doing my life. That’s not at all how it worked. With the cannabis flower products that I use, I’m much more inclined to be grateful for being better. I may never be totally pain free or have that life I had anymore. They really don’t know for sure what causes all this inflammation as I’ve had like a dozen diagnosis. But I sure wasn’t getting any better and I was sick of the pills and a sedentary life. So I changed it all up. I got the medical marijuana fact, completed the cannabis rules and got access to the cannabis dispensary. But I also completely changed me diet to a plant based diet and got moving to whatever degree I had available to me. The cannabis flower products helped with inflammation pain management but also provided a greater range of motion for me. That and a dose of positive discipline to boot.


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