When it comes to medical marijuana, there are several routes of administration if you don’t enjoy one or more ways of consuming the plant. With alcohol consumption, you’re pretty much limited to drinks of some kind, then although, there are some people who have used tough liquor rectally to borderline-lethal effects, tobacco at least gives you snuff, gum, vapes, in addition to patches, but those all lead to potential physical addiction if the user isn’t already at that point. You also wouldn’t be using nicotine products for medical purposes, so it’s a exhausting comparison to marijuana. When I started smoking marijuana in private school, all every one of us had access to at the time were cheap cannabis flower products. It was brick weed from Mexico, I didn’t even have friends with linkions for top shelf weed until a year later. Things changed when I got to university in addition to started netlaboring. Through this process, I determined that my favorite way to consume cannabis was through vaporizing the flower buds that are dry cured in addition to sold in the whole-plant form. I tried cannabis edibles on several occasions in addition to had little to no effect regardless of the potency of the edible. Years later I tried cannabis skin topicals, but these had little effects on myself and others as well. Cannabis concentrates are great, but they’re not consistently the most cost effective way to consume cannabis if you can find cannabis flower products on sale for crazy prices. Some of my favorite cannabis dispensaries will sell an fourth of an ounce of cannabis flower products for as little as $15. That’s an ounce of cannabis for only $120! And if you press cannabis flower buds into homemade rosin, you can get cannabis concentrates for a low price as well.

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