There are lots of different types of marijuana products! Marijuana can be refined in a number of ways, then it can be harvested and dried to make smokable flower.

It can be pressed with heat or mixed with chemicals to create a cannabis concentrate product… Bubble hash is a truly unique and interesting product.

Bubble hash is made using a process that only uses ice and cold water, then using this process is a truly effective way to preserve the flavonoids and terpenes inside of the cannabis sativa plant. Ice water hash and bubble hash are usually pretty expensive at the dispensary, and a few weeks ago, I was at the dispensary to option up an online order and I noticed the dispensary had several current items. The current items were not listed online on the website. The current products included a current ice water hash. The maker of the ice water hash was regular to me. The same company already makes lots of different live resin cannabis concentrates. The price tag for the ice water hash was only 15 bucks, so I bought the sativa and the indica. I bought a couple of blunts to roll up the bubble hash, but it can also be smoked in a bowl or vaped. That is genuinely 1 of the greatest things that I savor about the product. It is truly adjustable. Bubble hash has a good flavor and the THC level is usually around 40 or 50%. It’s way better than kief and almost as potent as a low range cannabis concentrate product. At $15 each, the bubble half and ice water hash are a genuinely good deal.

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